Jumping Castle Hire Cape Town

Jumping Castle Hire Cape Town. Affordable jumping castles for hire in Cape Town. Whether your planning a birthday party, function, school or church fundraising event, we have a option for you. With a wide range of jumping castles themes, inflatable water slides, slip and slides and obstacle courses, you’re spoiled on choice. You can also run these jumping castles in the park by checking out our generators for hire in Cape Town.

Castles 2 Jump

Castles 2 Jump offers a wide variety of themed jumping castle for hire in Cape Town. All jumping castles hired comes with FREE delivery, collection and setup in the Tableview area. All jumping castles and water slides are well maintained, cleaned and sanitized.

These jumping castles and water-slides are available for corporate and fundraising functions as well. Feel free to contact us to inquire about our special corporate and fundraising deals.

Contact Number: 082 574 6124

Location: Tableview, Cape Town

Jumping Castle Safety Tip & Advise

As we all know, jumping castles is the main attraction to kids at a party, function or event. As fun as jumping castles can be, it’s vitality important to take safety into consideration when hiring a jumping castle. Let’s have a closer look…

How to choose the right Jumping Castle

Jumping castles come in a large variety of sizes and shapes. When choosing the right one for your party or functions, there are a few important guidelines to follow:

Take into consideration the age group and how much space does your location cater for, this will help decide what size, shape and theme would suit your function.

Remember that jumping castles needs anchor weights (sandbags) and a electronic blower to be able to keep it running correctly. These need a secure place next the actual jumping castle.

Safety Tips

jumping castle hire cape townIt is vitally important to find and secure the perfect location for the jumping castle. The best location should be:

1. On an even and flat surface (preferably lawn or soft sand) with enough room for children to get on and off easily.
2. It should be located on a spot where it can accommodates the electric blower and the anchors.
3. Make sure to designate an entrance to the jumping castle that avoids and ensures the anchors, electrical leads and blower are safely out of harm’s way.

You should also consider space for:

1. Rain cover, if the weather should take a turn for the worse.
2. Electrical leads and blowers should also be positioned carefully to avoid any tripping or accidents.
3. Having safety mat at the entrance is strongly advised.
4. t is also very important to not move the jumping castle once its set up, as moving it can cause it to become unstable.


It is utterly important that a responsible parent or adult supervise children at all times. Make sure you appoint someone before hand. It will the supervisors responsibility to help the children on and off the jumping castle and also to make sure that there is not too many children on the jumping castle at the same time. It is also recommended that certain age groups take turns on the jumping castle. And most of all to see that everyone is having fun!

The Weather

It’s important to check the weather before hiring a jumping castle, as bad weather can cause safety hazards. In the unfortunate event that the weather turns bad unexpectedly, it is strongly advised to deflate, fold it up and put the jumping castle away from any rain. This will protect the jumping castle from any damages, which you may be held liable for.

Clothes and Shoes

To avoid, tripping, hurting on or jumping on each other, it is strictly advised to have a ‘no shoe’ policy. We also advise kids to wear appropriate clothing (where possible) and to remove all jewellery. This is to protect the children from danger as well as to protect the jumping castle from any damages.

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