Generator Hire Johannesburg

Affordable Generator Hire Johannesburg. Whether you require a petrol or diesel generator for a function/event, construction, camping or just as back-up for your wedding venue, you will find the best deals here at JSA Hire on generators for hire in Johannesburg, Gauteng

RandAir Generator Hire

RandAir offers incredible rates on generator hire. They offer a variety of portable generators for hire, so that you can keep your function or construction site operational at all times.

CONTACT: (011) 3450700


Power On Wheels

Power On Wheels in Jetpark, Johannesburg offer a huge selection of generators for rent, whether you need a generator for long or short term purposes, Power On Wheels can help you with the best and quickest service possible. Their fleet of rental generators are always well maintained and in excellent condition. All generator are conveniently mounted on a trailer for easy transportation.

Keep your power running for your home, event or business at affordable rates.

CONTACT: (011) 3977373

ADDRESS: 2 Bravo Road. Jetpark, Johannesburg


generator hire johannesburg

When hiring a generator there are a few safety precautions one has to follow, lets have a closer look…

Where To Store The Generator

Generators has to placed outside in dry and well ventilated open space as the generators engine builds up carbon monoxide which can be very harmful, even lethal. The carbon monoxide cannot be smelt or seen, so you would not know that you are breathing in the carbon monoxide.

Refuelling The Generator

Make sure that the generator is switched off and all electrical appliances are unplugged before refuelling the generator, as it could cause electrocution and fire hazards. Also make sure that the generator is cooled down before refuelling.

Over Loading

Make sure the hiring company gives you the proper instruction manuals for the generator and make sure to read it precisely. Take note of the watts the generator can handle and calculate how much watts you require for your generator hire purpose. Never exceed the watts the generator can handle as this could lead to damage and physical hazards.

Avoid Direct Wall Plugging

It is vitally important to never plug the generator directly into a wall as this will lead to back feeding, back feeding can damage all electrical equipment as well as the generator itself and may also lead to electrocution. Always plug your equipment directly in the generator or via an extension lead.