Generator Hire Durban

Generator Hire Durban. Find the best deals on generator rentals in KZN. No matter if you need a generator for your business, camping or just back-up during load shedding, you are bound to find a solution at JSA Hire.


Genmatics in Riverhorse Valley, Durban is a well known generator hire company. Their sole aim is to provide their clients with reliable service and power. GenMatics is the largest stockist of portable and soundproof generators in Durban. These diesel generators (30 to 1500 kva) are all manufactured by Perkins Diesel and Cummins.

CONTACT: (031) 561 2888

ADDRESS: 21 Quarry Park Place, Riverhorse Valley, Durban


generator hire durban

As we know, generators supply us with emergency power to run multiple things, whether it’s for your household, business or for camping. It’s important to remember that generators also come with certain risks when used incorrectly. Let us have a closer look…

  • Always run the generator outdoors as generator produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous, as it can lead to illness and can even be lethal when breathed in.
  • Never plug the generator into your wall sockets as this can cause back feeding, which can lead to electrical damage and electrocution. Rather plug your appliances directly into the generator or through an extension lead.
  • Make sure the hiring company gives you a copy of the correct user manual and read through it thoroughly. It is very important to assess the amount of watts you need and compare it to the generator you are interested in hiring, this will help to avoid overloading and will prevent any damages or fire hazards
  • It is also very important to make sure that the generator is switched off and all appliances disconnected when refuelling the generator. Don’t for get to allow a cooling off period before refuelling as the hot engine could lead to a fire outbreak.

If you follow the above safety precautions, you will have a problem free generator hire experience.