Generator Hire Cape Town

Generator Hire Cape Town. Whether you need to hire a generator for load shedding, camping, function planning backup or even just to operate a jumping castle in the park, we have you covered with affordable generator for hire in Cape Town.


AV Direct in Southfield have been offering generators for hire in Cape Town for over ten years. AV Direct offers backup power and temporary power for any event or industry. They carry a large stock level of generators and 3 phase distribution boards for hire, they guarantee that power isn’t a problem at your event or production. At you event their electricians will assess the power supply and recommend the best generator for the job.

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ADDRESS: 70 Naruna Crescent, Southfield, Cape Town, 7801


generator hire cape town

When hiring a generator you should keep in mind that the main hazard to stay clear of when using a petrol or diesel generator is carbon monoxide poisoning from the generators engine, as well as electrical shock and any outbreak of fire. Make sure you are provided with the generators proper instruction manuals to avoid any possible danger.

One Should Never Use A Generator Indoors

The most important rule when using a generator is that, never use it indoors as carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous, strictly avoid using a generator in any enclosed area, even opening the windows will not prevent carbon monoxide build up. Carbon monoxide can lead to toxic poisoning and death, REMEMBER, carbon monoxide cannot be smelled or seen, if you start feeling nauseous, sick or disorientated while using a petrol or diesel generator, go IMMEDIATELY to an area where there is breathable fresh air.
When its load shedding or the power is out, set-up the generator outside and plug the lead in through the window, and remember to close the windows as far as possible as carbon monoxide might creep through any open air spaces. To avoid any electrocution or short-circuiting, try and keep the generator away from any rain or water, always operate the generator in a dry area and do not touch the generator if your hands are wet..
When refuelling the generator make sure to turn it off and allow a cooling before filling up with petrol diesel, as any spillage on the engine could ignite a flame.
Always remember to store petrol or diesel is a proper approved fuel canister. Use the proper fuel instructed by the hiring company or as stated on the manual. Do not store the fuel near any fuel burning electronics or open flames, and make sure to keep it safely away from children.
You may plug any appliance into the generator or you could use a lead that is equally watt rated to the power of the generator. Make sure the lead is tear and cut free and that the plugs are not faulty before pluging it into the generator.
You should never try and power a household by plugging the generator directly into wall outlet as this may cause back feeding. Back feeding is extremely dangerous as it leads to electrocution.
Following the above safety tips will insure that you have a great generator hiring experience.