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Car Hire Cape Town. Here at JSA Hire, we aim to make searching for car rentals in Cape Town as simple as possible. As South Africa’s leading Hire and Rental Directory, we connect you to the best Car Hire companies with outstanding reputations. Whether you are lookig for affordable car rentals, luxury vehicles or vintage car hire, you will definitely find it here at JSA Hire.

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We have out together a few tips when hiring a car in Cape Town. This will help you make an informed decision before booking a rental

Compare Hiring Rates

we advise that you compare rental rates from a few car rental companies, to ensure that you are really getting the best deal available, instead of getting ripped off. Check what extras you are getting with the rental, example, a full take of petrol, roadside assistance, insurance etc. Also some companies charge a small daily hiring fee, but hit you big by charging you extra per Km, so be sure to check out these fees as well.

Book In Advance

Once you have made your decision on which company to go with, book the vehicle in advance. Booking in advance allows you plenty of time to plan trips and make arrangements.

Checking The Car Rental For Damages

When picking up the vehicle rental, inspect the vehicle along with the hire company. Walk around the vehicle and carefully inspect and make notes of all visible body damages e.g. scratches, dents, lights not working etc. Also look under the bonnet of the vehicle, check for any oil leaks, loose wiring, obvious faults etc. Take photos of all the faults you may find and keep these for your own personal record. Also let the hiring company sign a document confirming all the faults on the vehicle, this will protect you in the long run.

N.B. The tips above will ensure that you get the best out your car hire in Cape Town and provide you with peace of mind.

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